Robert S. Egan

Professor Emeritus
of Biology

Joined UNO Faculty

in 1979


University of Colorado-



Allwine Hall 514F Office: (402) 554-2491 Home: (402) 483-7051 8010 Abigail Dr., Lincoln, NE 68516
FAX: (402) 554-3532 e-mail: regan@unomaha.edu


I retired August 31, 2012, so I am no longer teaching regular courses in the Biology Department.

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In my retirement I am continuing my research interests in the systematics, ecology and phytogeography of the lichen-forming fungi and other cryptogamic plants. My research in lichen taxonomy utilizes traditional morphological approaches as well as data from TLC chemical analyses. I maintain a lichen herbarium of approximately 19,000 identified specimens cataloged on computer databases.

My current research efforts revolve around treatments of the genera Pseudevernia, Punctelia, Flavopunctelia, Everniastrum and Parmotrema species in Mexico.

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